“Conspiracy Exposed”

The notarized document “Conspiracy Exposed” was written on Oct. 8, 1992 by George C. Rains Sr. when he was 77 years old.

The referenced “Conspiracy” was exposed in a conversation at Sol Duc Hot Springs between the acting Olympic National Park Superintendent Preston Macy and my father George C. Rains Sr. in 1944.

“George, I should not tell you this, but the long range plan of the National Park Service is to take the whole Olympic Peninsula over and put it in the Olympic National Park and move everyone off the Olympic Peninsula.”

The proof of this conspiracy has and is being proven in the step by step acquisition of private and DNR land by the National Park Service, as this is being written and during the last 21 years from 1992 to 2013.

The nine page summary includes some of the 48 year history of Clallam County from 1944 to 1992 and is his proof of the conspiracy.

It’s a good read from a historical standpoint and a cautionary statement to the citizens of Clallam County. Could this happen to Clallam Country by imminent domain, isolation, regulation, restriction and/or economic starvation?

Pearl Rains Hewett

AS done, proposed or referenced in 1992 document

Sol Duc Hot Springs
Olympic Hot Springs
Four Seasons
Pacific Ocean Coast
Lake Ozette
Quinault River
Lake Quinault
Lake Mills property loss of fishing
Removal of Lake Mills Dam loss of flood control and electricity
Glines Canyon Dam
North West Marine Sanctuary
56 miles of tidelands
Eminent domain of Lake Crescent private property
Million dollar sewer treatment plant
Clallam County Roads around Lake Crescent
Why the Lake Crescent property taken from Jack Olsen became the summer
home of Chief Justice Douglas of the US Supreme Court?
Elwha River Private recreational park destroyed
Lake Crescent purchase of 79.81 acres of land for $410,000.00
Control of wetlands
Taking of corridors on rivers and streams (200 foot?)
Excessive fees and taxes
Taking of private property and property rights

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STATE OF WASHINGTON  (County of Clallam )

1992, before me appeared who signed the above of his own free will.

Notary Public in and for the State of Washington; residing at Port Angeles

More Public Information

Originally on the Olympic Peninsula in the state of Washington was an area known

as the Olympic National Monument containing some “500,000” acres in the high country of the Olympic Peninsula.

Around 1938 this monument was taken over by the National Park Service, creating

the Olympic National Park.

In the conspiracy since that time to take the whole Olympic Peninsula away from

our people, the Olympic National Park has doubled in size to over one million acres or

more. This conspiracy will never end unless you people, property owners and tax payers start fighting back to stop the conspiracy and the taking of all our property on the Olympic Peninsula.

We have a bloated bureaucracy providing nothing, living off of our tax dollars and

still continue to take away our property from us, with our own tax dollars.

In furtherance of the National Park Service conspiracy to take over the entire

Olympic Peninsula and make it one large park, I offer the following evidence as to what has already been done to expose that conspiracy.

A complete land corridor taken over by the National Park Service bordering the

Pacific Ocean from the south boundary of the Makah Indian Reservation south to the north boundary of the Quinault Indian Reservation. The purpose to completely take over this valuable ocean frontage to block out resort development, industry and private home frontage on the Pacific Ocean.

Also to completely circle Lake Ozette with a land corridor on the Olympic

Peninsula, thus preventing any resort development, industry or home sites by the public. In furtherance of their conspiracy of the National Park Service was the taking of a very wide corridor on each side of Quinault River from the park boundary in a southwesterly direction to the Quinault Indian Reservation.

In furtherance of the National Park Service conspiracy is the taking of a very large

area bordering Lake Quinault on the north side of that lake.

Attempts are being made to grab land corridors on each side of the major rivers

on the Olympic Peninsula. If they succeed here attempts will be made to grab land corridors on smaller streams on the Olympic Peninsula.

A land grab of all the property around Mills Lake in Clallam County is part of the

conspiracy plan.

Page 2

A grab of property around Lake Crescent is also part of that conspiracy.

Seven Wilderness areas set aside on the Olympic Peninsula, six of which adjoin

the Olympic National Park. Why are these vast areas not set aside as spotted owl

habitat? Wilderness areas listed below are:

1. Buckhorn Wilderness Area #1

2. Buckhorn Wilderness Area #2

3. The Brothers Wilderness Area #3

4. Mt. Skohomish Wilderness Area #4

5. Wonder Mountain Wilderness #5

6. Colonel Bob Wilderness Area #6

7. Colonel Bob Wilderness Area #7

Most people have no knowledge of these vast encroachments to take our property and property rights on the Olympic Peninsula, and it is time that the truth be known. P.S. Land and Power Grab

George C. Rains

Are the removal of the Lake Mills Dam and Aldwell Lake Dam part of the National

Park Service conspiracy to later demand a wide corridor down each side of the Elwha River to the Strait of Juan de Fuca, and ultimately split Clallam County?

Is the proposed Northwest Strait’s National Marine Sanctuary part of a master

subversive plan by the Federal Government to encircle and isolate our Olympic

Peninsula? Further domination and control seems to be their objective.

Does it fit into the conspiracy to take the whole Olympic Peninsula over and make it one big national park.

The most recent land grab by our Federal Government and the National Park

Service was the Fisher Property, east of Lake Crescent and bordering the Olympic

National Park. Now this land will be added to the Olympic National Park.

The purchase price of the 19.81 acres more or less was $4 10,000.

How can a Federal Government of ours pay money for things like this when our government is many trillions of dollars in debt?

George C. Rains


Jack Del Guzzi, Joseph H. Lewis and I developed one of the finest recreational

campground facilities the Elwha River area has ever known. We subdivided and developed it into campsites with underground electric power, water systems and good roads, and restroom facilities. In the course of our development I noticed a small breach through a narrow strip of land on the south end of the big island which is owned by the Park. I could foresee a lot of damage if something was not done to protect our property below and the Olympic Hot Springs road. I contacted Del Hur Industries to get an estimate on what it would cost to plug the breach and put a small rock dike to prevent further damage to our property and the road. After getting an estimate I contacted some Park people, and they would do nothing to help remedy the situation. I also offered to provide free of cost all the rip rap from our rock quarry on Little River.

The problem was ignored. Finally some time later the river came up high enlarging

the breach, washing out a section of the Olympic Hot Springs road, and cut a channel through our development and took out our bridge.

The Hot Springs road had to be rebuilt by moving it to higher ground up the hillside.

At a later date when I was in the area after the road was rebuilt, I noticed men working with a drilling outfit on the east side of the new road.· Federal highway crews were doing the work and testing the fault area above the Hot Springs road. They informed me that if the rock dike was not built to keep the river in its original channel, more of that area east of the road would slip into the river. They informed me that the whole hillside for a great distance up the hill was nothing but fault ready to sink into the river if the problem was not corrected. To this day they have done nothing to remedy the threat and a good portion of our property was destroyed through their sheer negligence.


The National Park Service has no respect for private property ownership and rights.


The Olympic Hot Springs was one of the first recreational facilities on the Olympic

Peninsula. Originally built and maintained a long time ago by the Everett and Harry

Schoefell family. Harry Schoefell was a very fine host. He liked people and people liked

him. His resort business was very successful for many years. Long leases and plans could be made to maintain and improve his business.

When the Olympic National Park put the squeeze on Harry Schoefell by giving a

lease for only one year at a time. This put the squeeze on improvement programs and you had nothing certain to make improved facilities and maintenance work for in the future. I was told by Harry Schoefell that all he received in the end when the Olympic

National Park took over his lease was $10,000.00 for all those years of work and for facilities

left there.

George C. Rains, Sr.

October 8, 1992