Donald Trump warned on Wednesday that his supporters would respond with “riots” if he fails to secure the nomination at July’s convention in Cleveland.

“I think you’d have riots,” Trump told CNN on Wednesday. “I think you’d have riots. I’m representing a tremendous many, many millions of people.”

At Trump rallies, people of all ages and creeds, even some outside the continent, have continued to make their voices heard.

Far from idle chatter, Trump’s words come as escalating protests from left-wing activists, heated responses from his supporters, and increasing tensions within the GOP over his candidacy are raising fears that the convention could devolve into chaos.

Cleveland is reportedly working to procure 2,000 sets of riot gear equipment for its officers.


“I hear of a convention to be held at Baltimore, or elsewhere,

for the SELECTION of a candidate for the Presidency,

made up chiefly of editors, and men who are politicians by profession;

but I think,

what is it to any independent, intelligent, and respectable man

what decision they may come to?

Shall we not have the advantage of his wisdom and honesty, nevertheless?

Can we not count upon some independent votes?

Are there not many individuals in the country who do not attend conventions?

But no: I find that the respectable man,

so called, has immediately drifted from his position,

and despairs of his country, when his country has more reason to despair of him.

He forthwith adopts one of the candidates

thus selected as his only AVAILABLE one,

thus proving that he is himself AVAILABLE

for any purposes of the demagogue.

His vote is of no more worth than that of any unprincipled foreigner

or hireling native, who may have been bought.”

Henry David Thoreau