Trump’s Domino Effect in WA DC

Trump’s Domino Effect in WA DC

How President Trumps  Domino Effect worked on JOBS

That crucial start rested on one finger.

 275,000  EPA domino’s toppled in a spiral visual (video below)

Enjoy Your Life


Domino day is an annual team event where groups from around the world come together to achieve the simple goal of knocking over the most Dominos,

in ways that are entertaining and incredibly well choreographed.

As, was President Trump’s incredibly well choreographed executive order on the EPA

Watch  these spectacular visuals…..  including rockets, helicopters and air planes..

Spectacular Domino Rally Stunt Screen Link – YouTube

▶ 6:05


Jun 6, 2014 – Uploaded by FlippyCat

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In 1988 Donald  J. Trump started lining up his presidential domino’s

 Oprah Winfrey Interviews Donald Trump in 1988 – YouTube

▶ 3:11



 President Trump’s Global Domino Effect

Domino Effect: 270,000 dominoes fall as world record is broken …

▶ 2:11


Jul 18, 2013 – Uploaded by ODN

More than 270000 dominoes have fallen in a feat set up in a week by a …


President Trump’s Globe Domino Effect on Terrorism

Behind My Back | President Trump’s Amazing Grace


May 21, 2017 – President Trump’s Amazing Grace TODAY, MAY 21, 2017 PRESIDENT TRUMP’S SPOKE TO THE LEADERS OF 50 MUSLIM COUNTRIES AT …


President Trump’s Globe Domino Effect on NATO

Trump Shames NATO Leaders on Defense Spending as Unity Tested


May 25, 2017 – U.S. President Donald Trump hectored NATO leaders to pay their fair share … Yet of the 28 member nations, 23 “are still not paying what they …


275000 Dominoes – Enjoy Your Life (Guinness World … – YouTube

▶ 10:01


Jul 16, 2013 – Uploaded by Sinners Domino Entertainment

http://www.sinnersdominoentertainment.com Edited by … i just watched dominoes falling over for 10 straight …


The WA DC Democrat’s and fake news media et al  have colluded on A LEAKING hugely complicated, connected, delusional  Russian Connection


 OOPS…One wrong move and they all fall down……


Dominoes Competitions: Knocking Over A Line of World Records …


Mar 8, 2011 – Dominoes were designed as a game to be played on a flat surface, but most children simply line them up and knock them down.a hugely complicated dominoes setup: One wrong move and they all fall down…


The crucial start for making America Great Again rested on one finger

A hugely complicated dominoes setup

President Trump’s Domino Effect

Simply line up them  and knock them down.

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