For the Protection of Whose Life?

To protect the EPA Clean water Act,  DOE shorelines of Statewide significance,  to restore pristine conditions on our beaches, provide NNL of ecological function by human contamination, and restrict the public use of public land,
Our Federally appointed, WDFW, elected WA State officials Van De Wege, TharInger, etc. and Audubon Society member Ken Wiersema have decreed the following.

DUNGENESS SPIT “The jogging is something that is very disturbing to wildlife when it’s done along the sand spit when birds are feeding and nesting and potentially breeding in those areas,” Audubon Society member Ken Wiersema “Thousands of birds use this DUNGENESS SPIT as a migratory stop.”

DUNGENESS RIVER “Thousands of birds use 700 acres of wetland habitat on the second reach of the Dungeness River as a migratory stop.” and have created a foul/fowl contaminated mess at the mouth of the Dungeness River.
DNA identified 75% of the contamination, as predominately bird poop, including 34 wild mammal species.

North Olympic Wildlife Area Addition: Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) completed the purchase of 51.57 acres as part of the Dungeness Basin project to conserve and restore coastal wetlands properties. The property is located in Clallam County, approximately five miles north of Sequim fronting on Dungeness Bay. The property consists of 49.42 acres of tidelands and 2.15 acres of uplands containing the historic 3-Crabs restaurant. This purchase was funded by grants from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The property will be managed within the Wildlife Program as part of the Lower Dungeness North Olympic Wildlife Area.


More bird habitat, more bird poop, more wildlife fowl/foul contamination

spreading from Dungeness Spit to Three Crabs area to connect  to the mouth of the Dungeness River wildlife fowl/foul contamination.

INDEED, this is “VERY DISTURBING” to the taxpayers.

3 Responses to For the Protection of Whose Life?

  1. I swear this world is going to the birds….Nice post, keep it up Pearl!

  2. We were so fortunate to be born and grow up in the USA, the most exceptional and blessed nation the world has seen. Sadly we have a Saul Alinsky radical and group of radicals who are in the process of destroying it from within.

    Pearl is doing a titan job of resisting the forces of government and evil which are destroying the heritage of Tristin and the next generation.

    Thx Pearl for all you have done and all you will do.

    Thx Tristin for helping your gmother.

    Karl Speees – Concerned American, ‘cheering section’, and ‘the choir’

  3. Joni Howard says:

    Kudos to Pearl for answering the age-old question, “who do you think you are?” In serving her family through the trusts George Rains, Sr., Fern D. Rains, and Roy Statton set up Pearl Rains Hewett has set the example for each of us to ask about the hard fact, “If I don’t care about the issues that affect all of us, the decisions will be made against and without any of us!”